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Book Spotlight - April 2022

Posted by Peel Law Association on 20 April 2022


Continue to watch this space for promotions highlighting one of the books recently added to the PLA Library collection, as well as old favourites we think may be of interest to our PLA Library users.

Today's spotlight is on the book, The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada, 12th Edition by James A. Fontana and M. David Keeshan.

Published: December 2021 by LexisNexis Canada.

The Law of Search and Seizure in Canada, 12th Edition is the definitive text on all aspects of this intricate and rapidly evolving area of criminal law. Much cited by Canadian courts at all levels, this seminal volume clearly lays out the complex legal framework that governs the issuance, execution and review of search warrants, and the rules limiting warrantless activities by state agents. The book also analyzes the central role of the Charter of Rights in determining the legality of police action and the admissibility of evidence when constitutional protections are breached. Read more.


Chapter 1: An Overview of Search And Seizure Law
Chapter 2: Search Warrants
Chapter 3: Requirements Common to Both Search Warrants and the Supporting Information 
Chapter 4: Search Warrant Information
Chapter 5: Duties of the Issuing Judge or Justice
Chapter 6: The Execution of Search Warrants
Chapter 7: Disposition of Seized Goods
Chapter 8: Duties of the Peace Officer in the Search and Seizure Process
Chapter 9: Reviewing a Search and Seizure Process
Chapter 10: Special Criminal Code and Other Search Powers 
Chapter 11: Technical and Electronic Surveillance
Chapter 12: Controlled Substances Legislation
Chapter 13: Seizure of Bodily Samples
Chapter 14: Bawdy-Houses; Obscene Publications; Gaming Houses
Chapter 15: Powers of Search under Certain Federal Statutes
Chapter 16: Search Powers under Provincial Statutes
Chapter 17: Computer-related Searches
Chapter 18: Warrantless Searches of Premises
Chapter 19: Warrantless Personal and Vehicle Searches
Chapter 20: Search and Seizure under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 8 and Section 24
Chapter 21: Exclusion of Evidence
Chapter 22: Police Conduct in Section 24 Applications and Sub-Criteria
Chapter 23: Nature of the Evidence on a Section 24(2) Application and Various Sub-Criteria
Chapter 24: Effect of Other Charter or Statutory Breaches Combined with Section 8 Breach

This item is available to PLA Members in good standing for sign-out. PLA Members can sign-out up to three items for overnight use for a seven day period. Overdue charges may be applicable to items that are not returned by their due date.

For a full listing of all of the new items added to the PLA Library Collection, please watch for your next issue of Peel Briefs (for PLA Members Only) or take a look at the New Books list for the current calendar year published in the Members' Corner.

If you are interested in signing out resources from the library, submit a book request to PLA library staff!

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